All day long.


#NEVERINSPIRED beat tape coming soooooon!!!


What the FUCK, America?

This is a beat I made for an artist. I ended up sampling Panic! At The Disco’s “9 In The Afternoon” because i absolutely loved the use of electric guitar and string sections. It’s such a feel good song so I tried to give it a bit of a darker feel to add contrast to the original sample. Enjoy! Peace + Love

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Audi A6 made in #Maya #Autodesk.

Leon in PEACE Comics // Coming very soon.

Quotables© Shirt Going on SALE next week! Contact with size information.

Hope y’all are loving life no matter what amount of money is in your pocket right now. Love and beautiful vibes are all around us! Embrace them. Listen to good music, eat something organic, talk to a long lost friend. Vibes, Vibes, Vibes. Peace + Love